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2013 Winners + Finalists

AZURE reveals the winners of the 2013 AZ Awards

Representing a global snapshot of the world of architecture and design, submissions came in from designers, architects, firms and manufacturers, as well as students of design and architecture. The international jury consisted of architects Shirley Blumberg of Toronto’s Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg and Todd Saunders of Oslo’s Saunders Architecture, furniture designer Todd Bracher of New York’s Todd Bracher Studio, interior designer George Yabu of Yabu Pushelberg (based in Toronto and New York), New York landscape architect Ken Smith of Workshop, and visionary Milan-based manufacturer and designer Giulio Cappellini of Cappellini. In March, the panel conferred at Toronto’s Hôtel Le Germain (Maple Leaf Square) to narrow down an impressive 677 entries from 38 countries to a shortlist of 43 finalists. From there, they selected the 14 outstanding winners.

2013 Winners

Best Residential Architecture: Echo Ridge Duplexes by El Dorado

What the jury said: “The composition of these volumes is wonderfully dynamic. It completely overturns any negative paradigm surrounding social housing, in a beautifully executed way.” – Shirley Blumberg, KPMB Architects

Location: Topeka, Kansas
Firm: El Dorado, Kansas City, Missouri
Team: Josh Shelton, with Steve Salzer

Best Architecture under 1,000 Square Metres: UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences by Saucier + Perrotte Architectes

What the jury said: “The minute I saw this building, I knew it was world class. It’s a laboratory, but it’s very playful and refreshing. I haven’t seen anything like it for a long, long time.” –Todd Saunders, Saunders Architecture

Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Firms: Saucier + Perrotte Architectes, Montreal, and Hughes Condon Marler Architects, Vancouver
Team: Roger Hughes, André Perrotte and Gilles Saucier with Craig Lane, David Moreaux, and Bill Ulrich

Best Architecture > 1,000 Square Metres: Vitrines Habiteés by Daoust Lestage

What the jury said: “A city starts with the quality of its public realm, and this is a brilliant example of how great city building can animate streets. The vitrines are a terrific way, too, of leveraging Montreal’s love for cafés.” –Shirley Blumberg, KPMB Architects

Location: Montreal, Quebec
Firm: Daoust Lestage, Montreal
Team: Renée Daoust and Réal Lestage with Caroline Beaulieu, Jean-François Bilodeau, Marc Duchesne, Marie-Josée Gagnon, François Ménard, Stéphane Savoie, Catherine St-Marseille and Nathalie Trudel

Best Landscape Architecture: Place des Festivals by Daoust Lestage

What the jury said: “This space is part green and part hard, which means during the course of a year it can have many different lives. Daoust Lestage has built an environment out of the whole cloth, and we should all be doing a lot more of that.” – Ken Smith, Ken Smith Workshop

Location: Montreal, Quebec
Firm: Daoust Lestage, Montreal
Team: Reál Lestage with Caroline Beaulieu, Lucie Bibeau, Renée Daoust, Marie-Josée Gagnon, Marie-Pier Marchand, François Ménard, Stéphane Savoie, Eveline Simard, Catherine St-Marseille and Nathalie Trudel

Best Lighting Design: Städel Museum by Schneider + Schumacher and Licht Kunst Licht

What the jury said: “There is a logic and beauty to the idea of taking sunlight and allowing it – not forcing it – into a gallery space, and letting the time of day and seasonal changes be part of the experience.” – Todd Bracher, Todd Bracher Studio

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Firms: Schneider + Schumacher, Frankfurt; and Licht Kunst Licht, Bonn
Team: Tanja Baum, Till Schneider and Michael Schumacher, with Thomas Möritz, Alexander Rotsch, Andreas Schulz and Mieke Van der Velden

Best Temporary Architecture: Hygge House by Plain Projects, with Urbanink and Pike Projects

What the jury said: “Too much architecture has no local reference and could be placed anywhere. But this is very Winnipeg. It’s smart and funny, and it has a strong identity. I like it.” – Todd Saunders, Saunders Architecture

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
 Plain Projects, with Urbanink and Pike Projects, all of Winnipeg
Team: Liz Wreford Taylor with Colin Grover, Marcelle Lussier, Evan Marnoch and Shawn Stankewich

Best Furniture Design: Marina table by Extremis

What the jury said: “We liked Marina’s flexibility: you can use it in many different situations, indoors and out. It’s an honest product, which is something the market needs right now.” –Giulio Cappellini, art director of Cappellini

Designers: Bruno Fattorini and Robin Rizzini of Bruno Fattorini & Partners, Milan
Manufacturer: Extremis, Belgium

Best Furniture System: Sidewise by Teknion

What the jury said: “Offices are an evolving landscape, and they are getting smaller, but Sidewise manages to do the opposite, giving staffers a place where they can comfortably take a break or interface with colleagues. That combination makes perfect sense.” – Todd Bracher, Todd Bracher Studio

Designers: Christopher Wright and Steve Tsai of Figure3, Toronto
Manufacturer: Teknion

Best Product Design: Aria by Amala Carpets

What the jury said: “The most important thing in design today is finding the right raw materials worldwide and using them in a contemporary fashion, and Amala Carpets is doing this in a fantastic way.” –Giulio Cappellini, art director of Cappellini

Firm: Amala Carpets, Toronto
Team: Shan Shrestha and family

Best Commercial Interior: Hafencity University Subway Station by D-Lightvision, Design Strauss Grillmeier, Pfarré Lighting Design and Raupach Architekten

What the jury said: “It’s thrilling to see a space like this invested with such creativity. It shows a true understanding that there is a tangible return in beautiful infrastructure.” – George Yabu, Yabu Pushelberg

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Firms: D-Lightvision, Design Stauss Grillmeier, Pfarré Lighting Design and Raupach Architekten, all from Munich
Team: Christian Raupach, with Erwin Döring, Gerd Pfarré and Kilian Stauss

Best Residential Interior: Mini Studio by Frente Arquitectura

What the jury said: “You look at the outside structure, and you immediately know the inside is basically the skin. There’s nothing else required. I love the sheer simplicity of that gesture.” –George Yabu, Yabu Pushelberg

Location: Mexico City
Firm: Frente Arquitectura, Mexico City
Team: Juan Pablo Maza with Estefanía Hoth and Daniel Nava

Best Unbuilt Competition Entry: Cristal by Sitbon Architectes

What the jury said: “We were looking for an economy of means, a conceptual clarity and something that could really have an impact on the culture. Cristal has this in spades.” – Ken Smith, Ken Smith Workshop

Location: Dead Sea, Israel
Firm: Sitbon Architectes, Paris
Team: Emmanuel Sitbon with Selma Feriani

Best Unrealized Concept: Valley City Qatar

What the jury said: “This is the kind of densification plan that, at its core, benefits people enormously. It’s ideal for the Middle East, but it could also work in California or Toronto. It’s a great model for future cities.” –Ken Smith, Ken Smith Workshop

Location: Qatar
Firm: MZ Architects, Lebanon
Team: Marwan Zgheib

A+ Student Award: Elevator B by Courtney Creenan, Kyle Mastalinski, Daniel Nead, Scott Selin and Lisa Stern from the University of Buffalo

What the jury said: “Design is often about your own interpretation of something, but this project is not about the designers; it’s all about the bees. It’s wonderfully selfless and executed perfectly.” – Todd Bracher, Todd Bracher Studio

Location: Buffalo, New York
Designers: Courtney Creenan, Kyle Mastalinski, Daniel Nead, Scott Selin and Lisa Stern

2013 Finalists

Commercial Interiors: Shopbop Headquarters

Location: New York
Firm: SHoP Architects, New York
Team: Kimberly J. Holden, Gregg A. Pasquarelli, Christopher R. Sharples, Coren D. Sharples and William W. Sharples

Commercial Interiors: Momofuku Restaurant

Location: Toronto
Firm: The Design Agency, Toronto
Team: Allen Chan and Anwar Mekhayech, with Matt Davis, Lorelei Lucas and Shady Wanis

Furniture Systems: Meccanica

Design firm: Démodé, Pordenone, Italy
Designer: Gabriele Centazzo
Manufacturer: Valcucine

Temporary Architecture: Swarms Pavilion

Location: Kwangju, South Korea
Firm: NADAAA, Boston
Team: Nader Tehrani, with Sarah Dunbar and Ryan Murphy

Temporary Architecture: Imagination Playground Exhibit

Location: National Building Museum, Washington, D.C.
Firm: Rockwell Group, New York
Team: David Rockwell and Barry Richards, with lab at Rockwell Group

Residential Interiors: Inhabitable Sculpture

Location: Montreal
Firm: Inpho Architecture, Montreal
Designer: Jean-Maxime Labrecque

Residential Interiors: Ebell Loft

Location: Long Beach, California
Firm: Hong Kong Stunt Team, Santa Ana
Designer: Hing Yeung

Furniture Design: Miniscule

Designer: Cecilie Manz, Copenhagen
Manufacturer: Republic of Fritz Hansen

Furniture Design: Street Football Seat Ball

Firm: Fábrica, Guatemala City
Team: Ana Claudia González and Hubert Schoba

Residential Architecture: OLS House

Location: Stuttgart, Germany
Firm: J. Mayer H. Architects, Berlin
Team: Jürgen Mayer H. and Marcus Blum, with Paul Angelier, Julian Blümle, Sebastian Finckh and Hugo Reis

Residential Architecture: D House

Location: Brittany, France
Firm: Lode Architecture, Paris
Team: Arnaud Lacoste and Jérôme Vinçon, with Guillaume Choplain, Hélène
Gasnier and Stéphane Saltzmann

Unbuilt Competition Entries: National Music Centre of Canada

Project: National Music Centre of Canada, Calgary
Firm: Allied Works Architecture, Portland, Oregon
Team: Brad Cloepfil, with Chelsea Grassinger, Dan Koch, Kyle Lommen and Daniel Richmond

Commercial Architecture > 1,000 Square Metres: Soumaya Museum

Location: Mexico City
Firm: FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise, Mexico City
Team: Fernando Romero, with Mauricio Ceballos

Commercial Architecture > 1,000 Square Metres: RMIT Design Hub

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Firm: Sean Godsell Architects, Melbourne
Team: Sean Godsell, with Hayley Franklin

Commercial Architecture > 1,000 Square Metres: Barclays Arena

Location: Brooklyn, New York
Firm: SHoP Architects, New York
Team: Nadine Berger, Christopher Lee, Adam Modesitt and Ayumi Sugiyama of SHoP Architects, and John Cerone and Brian Sweeney of SHoP Construction

Interior Products: Chillida Rugs

Designer: Nani Marquina, Barcelona
Manufacturer: Nanimarquina

Interior Products: Sento

Design firm: Angeletti Ruzza, Rieti, Italy
Team: Silvana Angeletti, with Daniele Ruzza
Manufacturer: Graff

A+ Student Work: Thalie

Student: Julie Richoz, École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL), Switzerland

A+ Student Work: Essentials

Team: Carl Emil Jacobsen and Daniel Kowal, Kolding School of Design, Denmark

A+ Student Work: X-Scape

Team: Aaron Choi and Diego Valencia, with Brett Berger, Christine Phu, Kim Stevenson and faculty member Philip Horton, Arizona State University

A+ Student Work: Food and Energy

Team: Arina Agieieva and Dmytro Zhuikov, Dessau Institute of Architecture, Germany

A+ Student Work: Václav Havel’s Monument

Designer: Libor Šenekel, Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic

Architecture < 1,000 Square  Metres: Boulevard Brewing Company Cellar 1 Expansion

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Firm: El Dorado, Kansas City
Team: Josh Shelton, with Chris Burk, Brandon Froelich and Steve Salzer

Architecture < 1,000 Square Metres: Kindergarten

Location: Samedan, Switzerland
Firm: Gredig Walser, Chur, Switzerland
Team: Joos Gredig and Peter Walser, with Lea Condrau

Architecture < 1,000 Square Metres: Trail Center at Camp Prairie Schooner

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Firm: El Dorado, Kansas City
Team: Douglas Stockman, with Sean Slattery

Unrealized Concepts: Tensegrity Space Frame Light

Designer: Michal Maciej Bartosik, Toronto

Unrealized Concepts: Thonet Concept Bike

Designer: Andy Martin Studio, London, U.K.

Landscape Architecture: Troost Bridge

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Firm: El Dorado, Kansas City
Team: David Dowell, with Chris Burk

Landscape Architecture: Hariri Memorial Garden

Location: Beirut
Firm: Vladimir Djurovic Landscape Architecture, Brou­mana, Lebanon
Team: Vladimir Djurovic, with Salim Kanaan and Rafi Karakashian

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