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2017 Winners + Finalists

On June 23, Azure honoured the winners of the 2017 AZ Awards at a lavish gala at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works.

Architects and designers from around the world joined us at the Evergreen Brick Works to celebrate the 2017 AZ Awards. Azure handed out trophies in recognition of outstanding achievement in 20 categories.


2017 AZ Awards Trophy designed by Philippe Malouin

Best Residential Architecture, Single Family



Jean Verville’s Fahouse is a restrained take on an A-frame, with fun flourishes that offset its minimalism. Read more

Residential Architecture Multi-Unit


Tatsumi Apartment House

With Tatsumi Apartment House, Hiroyuki Ito Architects have reinterpreted traditional Japanese architectural features as elegant solutions for living small. Read more

Architecture Over 1,000m²


Audain Art Museum

Hidden amongst the evergreens, near the resort village of Whistler, Patkau Architects’ sublime Audain Art Museum is both abstract and restrained. Read more

Architecture Under 1,000m²


Gemma Observatory

The Gemma Observatory meets the stringent requirements of a celestial viewing facility, but with a high-design form that looks anything but scientific. Read more

Recreational Architecture


Five Fields Play Structure

With its timber construction, colourful graphics and irregular form, Five Fields Play Structure takes recreational architecture to new heights. Read more

Temporary & Demonstration Architecture


People’s Canopy

Nothing short of brilliant, People’s Canopy is an ultra flexible, ultra portable piece of infrastructure that transforms any public space into one for gathering. Read more

Landscape Architecture


Quzhou Luming Park

To protect land under threat of development in Quzhou City, China, local firm Turenscape devised a sustainable and captivating solution. Read more

Unbuilt Concepts


A Church for the Local Community

For a Polish community with a postmodern interpretation of religion, Adamiczka Consulting has imagined an “un-church.” Read more

Residential Interiors


Photographer’s Loft

Desai Chia Architecture’s penchant for masterly minimalism is put on display in the Photographer’s Loft, a gorgeous home-gallery hybrid in NYC. Read more

Institutional and Commercial Interiors


The HUB Performance and Exhibition Center

Neri&Hu’s design of the HUB Performance and Exhibition Center in Shanghai has given the performances that happen inside a lot to live up to. Read more

Furniture Design


Pair Chair

It took more than 30 prototypes to get Pair Chair exactly right, but all that reiteration paid off, with a seat that could very well be a new classic. Read more

Furniture Systems


Hangout Collection

Keilhauer’s Hangout Collection successfully meets the demands that an open work environment be comfortable, attractive and conducive to work. Read more

Lighting Fixtures



Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, Infra-Structure is a highly versatile lighting system that can go anywhere and do anything. Read more

Lighting Installations


Chum Passerelle

Chum Passerelle, a collaboration between Cannon Design and NEUF Architect(e)s proves that infrastructure need not be boring. Read more

Interior Products


Pulled Plaster Panels

Architect Bryan Young has given traditional plasterwork an untraditional new expression – and a new lease on life. Read more

Architectural Products


Soho Doors

Soho Doors are an ultra delicate-looking room divider that, despite their appearance, are virtually shatterproof. Read more

Experiential Graphic Design


Bloomberg SF Tech Hub

For the Bloomberg SF Tech Hub, Volume created environmental graphics that prompt employees to expand their minds and think beyond the confines of the office. Read more

Environmental Leadership


T3 Minneapolis

With his T3 timber building in Minneapolis, architect Michael Green has thrust the material back into the limelight as an attractive alternative to steel and concrete. Read more

Social Good



Pierre Bélanger’s Extraction exhibit at the 2016 Venice Biennale delivered hard-hitting commentary about Canada’s history of appropriation, in an unusual format. Read more

A+ Student Award


Preston Outdoor Education Station

At a YMCA facility near the National Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, architecture students from Kansas State University created the Preston Outdoor Education Station – an inspiring backdrop for outdoor education lessons. Read more

2017 Finalists

Residential Architecture Single Family

Studio Dwelling at Rajagiriya

Location: Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka
Firm: Palinda Kannangara Architects, Sri Lanka

Residential Architecture Single Family

Mrs Fan’s Plugin House

Location: Beijing, China
Firm: People’s Architecture Office, China

Residential Architecture Single Family

Rabbit Snare Gorge

Location: Cape Breton, Canada
Firm: Omar Gandhi Architect (Canada) and Design Base 8 (U.S.)

Residential Architecture Single Family

Jungle House

Location: Guarujá, Braz
Firm: Studio MK27, Brazil

Residential Architecture Multi-Unit


Location: New York, U.S.

Residential Architecture Multi-Unit

Huangshan Mountain Village

Location: Huangshan, China
Firm: MAD Architects, China

Residential Architecture Multi-Unit

The Grove at Grand Bay

Location: Miami, U.S.
Firm: Bjarke Ingels Group, Denmark

Architecture Over 1,000 Square Metres

Visual Arts Building, University of Iowa

Location: Iowa City, U.S.
Firm: Steven Holl Architects, U.S.

Architecture Over 1,000 Square Metres

Frederiksbjerg School

Location: Aarhus, Denmark
Firm: Henning Larsen Architects with GPP Arkitekter, Denmark

Architecture Over 1,000 Square Metres

Community of Municipalities’ Offices in Les Herbiers

Location: Les Herbiers, France
Firm: Atelier du Pont, France

Architecture Over 1,000 Square Metres

Bahá’í Temple of South America

Location: Santiago, Chile
Firm: Hariri Pontarini Architects, Canada

Architecture Over 1,000 Square Metres

Church and Parish Center Santa Maria Assumpta

Location: Tarragona, Spain
Firm: Gimeno Guitart, Spain

Architecture Under 1,000 Square Metres

Group 8 Headquarters

Location: Seoul, South Korea
Firm: BO-DA Architecture, South Korea

Architecture Under 1,000 Square Metres

Suzhou Chapel

Location: Suzhou, China
Firm: Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, China

Recreational Architecture

John Fry Sports Park Pavilion

Location: Edmonton, Canada
Firm: The Marc Boutin Architectural Collaborative, Canada

Recreational Architecture

BMX Supercross Legacy Track

Location: Toronto, Canada
Firm: Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects, Canada

Temporary Architecture


Location: Boston, U.S.
Firm: Matter Design, U.S.

Landscape Architecture

Public Laneway Puncture

Location: Toronto, Canada
Firm: Victoria Taylor Landscape Architect, Canada

Landscape Architecture

Governors Island Phase 2: The Hills

Location: New York, U.S.
Firm: West 8, Netherlands

Unbuilt Concepts

Iskcon Temple

Location: Ahmedabad, India
Firm: Sanjay Puri Architects, India

Unbuilt Concepts


Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Firm: Belzberg Architects, U.S.

Residential Interiors

Returning Hut

Location: Fujian, China
Firm: FM.X Interior Design, China

Residential Interiors

Strata House

Location: Toronto, Canada
Firm: Audax with Pencil Design, Canada

Institutional and Commercial Interiors

Uber Advanced Technologies Group

Location: Pittsburgh, U.S.
Firm: Assembly Design Studio, U.S.

Institutional and Commercial Interiors

Midwest Inland Port Financial Town

Location: Xi’an, China
Firm: Hallucinate Design Office, China

Institutional and Commercial Interiors

NCTU Innovation Centre

Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan
Firm: Fieldevo Design Studio, Taiwan

Institutional and Commercial Interiors

Claus Porto Flagship Store

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Firm: João Mendes Ribeiro Arquitecto, Portugal

Institutional and Commercial Interiors

House of Smart

Location: Eindhoven, Netherlands
Firm: Maurice Mentjens, Netherlands

Furniture Design

LessThanFive Chair

Designer: Michael Young, China
Manufacturer: Coalesse Design Group, U.S.

Furniture Design

Whorl Table

Designer: Neal Aronowitz, U.S.

Furniture Design

Sign Filo

Designer: Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Italy
Manufacturer: MDF Italia, Italy

Furniture Design

Armchair Yori

Designer: Ronald Sasson, Brazil

Furniture Systems


Studio: PearsonLloyd, U.K.
Designers: Tom Lloyd and Luke Pearson
Manufacturer: Teknion, Canada

Lighting Fixtures


Designer: Davide Groppi
Manufacturer: Davide Groppi, Italy

Lighting Fixtures

Surface-Mounted Wall Light Collection

Designer: David O’Driscoll with Trent Carter
Manufacturer: Brightgreen, Australia

Lighting Installations

Swarm Study / IX

Location: Chemnitz, Germany
Studios: Lichtvision Design (Germany) and Random International (U.K.)
Designer: Raoul Hesse

Lighting Installations

Particle Accelerator

Studio: Castor Design, Canada
Designers: Kei Ng and Brian Richer with Nathan Watson

Interior Products

Dot Line

Designer: García Cumini, Italy
Manufacturer: Agape, Italy

Interior Products

Wolf-Gordon + Mae Engelgeer

Designer: Mae Engelgeer with Morgan Bajardi, Michael Loughlin and Marybeth Shaw
Manufacturer: Wolf-Gordon, U.S.

Architectural Products

Think Thin

Designer: Matt Karlin
Manufacturer: Nemo Tile & Stone, U.S.

Architectural Products


Designer: Co.Studio, Belgium
Designers: Gert Van den Steen and Christian Van Suetendael with Marc Dekegel, Alain Gillieaux and Louis-Philippe Gilleaux
Manufacturer: RVB, Belgium

Experiential Graphic Design

Storyboard on the Landscape

Location: Batoche, Canada
Firms: Form:Media and Ekistics Planning & Design, Canada

Experiential Graphic Design

Pont ferroviaire

Location: Montreal, Canada
Firms: Civiliti and Group S.M. International, Canada

Environmental Leadership

Hangar Office

Location: Culver City, U.S.
Firm: Edward Ogosta Architecture, U.S.
Team: Edward Ogosta

Social Good

Old Brewery Mission

Location: Montreal, Canada
Firm: Architem Wolff Shapiro Kuskowski Architects, Canada

Social Good

Mrs Fan’s Plugin House

Location: Beijing, China
Firm: People’s Architecture Office, China
Team: Zang Feng, James Shen and He Zhe with Chen Yihuai and Zhang Zhen

A+ Student Award

Wiggle Theory

School: Savannah College of Art and Design, U.S.
Team: Mark Hemphill with Christopher Dowell and Sanaz Karbas

A+ Student Award

Sharon Fields

School: design/buildLAB, Virginia Tech, U.S.
Location: Sharon, U.S.

A+ Student Award


School: Harvard University, U.S.
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Team: Caio Barboza and Sofia Blanco Santos

A+ Student Award

S’lowtecture Housing Structure

School: Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland
Team: Tomasz Broma

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