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2017 Jim Vlock First Year Building Project

With its slanted roof and viewfinder windows, the 2017 Jim Vlock First Year Building Project is a triumph of smart single-family residential design. It’s also much more than that. The project is the result of a partnership – called Homeless:Housed – between the Yale School of Architecture and non-profit Columbus House, which team up to address the need for high-quality affordable housing. First-year students designed and built the residence with a prefab-panel system. The 93-square-metre home features two double-height volumes – an individual unit and a family space – separated by a central breezeway yet connected by the pitched metal roof. Six large bay windows double as resting nooks, carving out more space in the home while fostering a relationship with the neighbourhood.

Project: 2017 Jim Vlock First Year Building Project Location: New Haven, USA
School: Yale School of Architecture with Columbus House, USA

Team:Adam Hopfner, Alan Organschi, Kyle Bradley and Alison Cunningham with the 2017 Yale School of Architecture First Year Class, Haylie Chan, Zelig Fok, Kerry Garikes and Dan Whitcombe

2017 Jim Vlock First Year Building Project

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