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Frequently Asked Questions

Question not answered?

Email support at azawards@azureonline.com

Can I have more than one image on a single jpg?

No. One image per jpg.

Can submissions be made in a format where the text and images are graphically integrated in a designed page layout?

Images and text documents must be submitted separately. All text must be submitted through the online site, while all images should be submitted in jpg format.

Do you fill out your own project description or does AZURE have a template that I can use?

Your own project description may be used. A template will not be provided.

To whom should we write the cheque for the entry fees?

Payment must be made through the online entry system.

Please explain “Concepts must have been developed or presented for the first time in 2017”?

This criterion is relevant only to the CONCEPTS category, not the ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE, ENVIRONMENTAL GRAPHICS, INTERIORS or A+ Award categories.

How will I receive my digital subscription?

Digital subscriptions are fulfilled by Zinio, the world’s largest digital newsstand. After you create an account on Zinio, you will receive an email each time a new issue is ready to access via your account or the Zinio app. Because you can access your account from any device, you can easily read your issues on your iPad, iPhone, Android devices, or other tablets, as well as your computer.

What if I have an existing digital subscription?

If you have an existing digital subscription, the term will be extended by one year (eight issues).

When will I receive my digital subscription?

Digital subscriptions will start following the closing of the AZ Awards in late February 2018. The first issue will be March/April 2018, delivered to you in mid-March.



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