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Resembling a giraffe in the Serengeti, Vibia’s table lamp finds unexpected elegance in elongated proportions. The design’s refined construction adds to its rare beauty: Injection-moulded from a single block of pure aluminum, Africa is a careful balancing act, with a sturdy base that provides the necessary counterweight to its stretched-out neck and conical head. A lacquered matte finish and four colourways (brown, two beiges and a rusty red) round out the fixture’s distinctive character.

“The silhouette and proportions are unique and interesting — there’s a playfulness to them, but they’re very elegant as well. They do look like a creature, like something that’s alive. There’s an element that feels like it’s breathing. And its portability makes it a great solution.”
Evan Jerry, AZ Awards 2024 Juror

As for its glow, Africa illuminates in three levels of intensity — adjusted with a gentle tap on the top button — to alternate between effective task lighting and romantic mealtime mood-setting. Adding to its versatility, the lamp is offered in two heights and both portable and bolt-down versions, while its small footprint makes it a particularly great choice for tables where surface space is limited.

The charging experience is another surprising delight: The base of the fixture is magnetized, securing easily into place atop a complementary charger puck. And while a single lamp makes for lovely accent decor, it’s especially striking in multiples. Just like a giraffe, Africa is a social creature.

Winner: Lighting Fixtures
People’s Choice: Lighting Fixtures

Resembling a giraffe in the Serengeti, Africa finds unexpected elegance in elongated proportions.

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