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Xorel Vue, Carnegie Fabrics, AZ Awards

When one thinks of architectural textiles, embroidery and crochet aren’t usually at the top of the list. Materials used to make vertical panels and space dividers in contract environments need to be durable and high-performance and to meet a roster of industry standards, so fabrics that look more decorative than resilient would seem counterintuitive. But appearances, as they say, can be deceiving – which is certainly the case with Carnegie’s Xorel Vue collection. 

Utilizing a proprietary yarn that has an inherent tensile strength, the textile maker has developed a series of interior fabrics that offer a softer but no less effective alternative to hard-surface resins and metals. Each of the collection’s six patterns has a handcrafted quality that belies its durability, the delicate-looking textiles creating an intriguing play of light and shadow similar to that of lace. 

Xorel Vue, Carnegie Fabrics, AZ Awards
“The Xorel Vue collection is quite rnan interesting textile solution, very rnwell resolved.”
Matt Carr

A robust versatility makes the collection ideal for use as vertical partitions, panels, window coverings and space dividers, as the open nature of the designs delivers varying degrees of privacy and light transparency to meet all manner of needs. What’s more, a custom easy-to-install hanging system that requires minimal tools was created alongside the collection, and the textiles require no chemical finishes, resulting in a small environmental footprint.  

AZ Awards category Design: Interior Products Project Xorel Vue Manufacturer Carnegie Fabrics, New York City, U.S. 

Winner: Interior Products
People’s Choice: Interior Products
AZ Awards 2019 Winner: Xorel Vue

Carnegie Fabrics’ Xorel Vue collection wins in Design: Interior Products for bringing a tailored, artisanal touch to office environments.

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