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NMBHD takes the traditional Montreal triplex to the next level. The four-storey building — comprising two rental apartments, a family abode and a ceramics studio — is sited on a former mechanic’s garage. It embodies the scrappiness of its industrial context, with concrete floors, exposed ductwork and plumbing, and joists made of hardware-store lumber.

But the triplex also has architect Jean Verville’s trademark whimsy: The outdoor terraces include space for fruit trees, a beehive and a henhouse, while the juxtaposition of white brickwork and gold-framed windows imbues the home with a storybook quality rarely seen in urban centres.

Team Jean Verville with Nancy-Marie Bélanger, Hugo Didier, Tania Paula Garza Rico, Rémi St-Pierre, France Goneau, François Bodlet, Stéphane Piché, Camille Asselin, Samuel Landry, Alexandre Meloche and Alex Lamontagne

AZ Awards 2021 Finalist: NMBHD: 1 plex 3 noses

NMBHD takes the traditional Montreal triplex to the next level.

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