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For the RISD North Hall, a residence at the Rhode Island School of Design, NADAAA made the tiered rooflines level with nearby architectural masterworks — a nod to local design history. The perforated brick on the north and south walls of the hall evoke Pietro Belluschi’s iconic mid-century RISD dorm, while the slate cladding on the east and west walls resembles the roof shingles one sees across campus. Other elements, however — like the hybrid CLT and steel structural system and the multi-faceted building program comprising galleries and a studio — elevate the North Hall far beyond your typical student dorm.

Team Nader Tehrani with Katherine Faulkner and Arthur Chang (NADAAA) with Chris Maury (Shawmut Design and Construction), David J. Odeh (Odeh Engineers), Michael Blier (Landworks Studio), Jean-Marc Dubois (Nordic), Tara Ikenouye (Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates) and Rose Mary Su (Acentech)

AZ Awards 2021 Finalist: RISD North Hall