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Like a painting by Agnes Martin, Casa Cosmos by S-AR is a grid formation imposed on a varied landscape — a scrubby plot in Oaxaca, Mexico, near the Pacific Coast. At the heart of this 100-square-metre dwelling, a concrete cube divided into quadrants contains a living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Surrounding this inner core is an external grid with flower beds, terraces and a pool, each part sectioned off by columns and beams. A series of sliding wooden doors made by local artisans allows for ease of movement between the indoor and outdoor domains. Perhaps the best feature, the rooftop patio offers views in all directions and to the sky above, which is also reflected in a pond — the circular centrepiece of this otherwise square abode.

Location Puerto Escondido, Mexico Firm S-AR, Mexico Team C.sar Guerrero and Ana Cecilia Garza with Carlos Morales, Mar.a Sevilla, Luis De la Garza, Claudio Sodi, Ar.nzazu de Ari.o, Jos. Cuellar, Jos. Ram.rez, Mario Ram.rez, Ubaldo R.os Photo Camila Cossio

Casa Cosmos

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