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An absolute pleasure for the senses, the Framed collection takes biophilia to a new, artistic level. Viewed from afar, each piece in the compelling series appears as a modern stylistic artwork, but with closer inspection, one sees that the main medium used is reindeer moss (also known as reindeer lichen), an organic and naturally occurring material that has a delightful tactility and inherent acoustic properties. Framed thus becomes an evocative alternative to conventional sound-absorbing panels.

Created for Greenmood by Belgian designer Alain Gilles (a member of our jury, he recused himself from voting in this category), the collection includes four distinctive compositions defined by non-figurative forms that essentially allow the viewer to interpret what they perceive within the multi-tonal shapes and lines. Geometric’s arched forms were inspired by photos Gilles took while on holiday in Lake Garda, Italy; Landscape might evoke well-tended lawns, aerial views of a countryside, urban streetscapes or coastlines; Synergy’s doodle-like curves abut each other like people interacting; and, last but not least, Harmony represents a flow of ideas. Unifying their unique variations (there are multiple versions and sizes of each style) are handsome oak wood frames, which give the pieces a high-end gallery-like quality and are devised for multidirectional hanging.

I’ve never seen anything like it – it’s so weird and very interesting.
Jay Osgerby, AZ Awards Juror 2023

Furthering Framed’s appeal is its sustainable and ecological manufacturing process. The reindeer moss is gathered by hand from specific locations in
Scandinavian forests that will then be left untouched for four years to allow for full regrowth (the yearly amount collected is also limited in order to sustain the deer population). It is then dyed in a range of colourways (including custom) using natural, non-toxic food colourants and a water-based solution. Sourced responsibly from long-term renewable forests, the oak for the frames continues to sequester carbon as a finished product; the backing panel that the lichen is affixed to (with water-based, non-allergenic glue) is also made from recycled wood.

Equal parts modern art, sound-absorbing panel and natural enhancement, Framed delivers impactful and functional design unlike any other in the acoustic solution category.

Team: Alain Gilles and Sadig Alekperov with Anna Nina Gacka and Mario Loyo

Winner: Interior Products
Framed Collection

An absolute pleasure for the senses, the Framed collection takes biophilia to a new, artistic level.

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