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This intimate cocktail bar in the fashionable Munich neighbourhood of Glockenbach places its mix-ol-o-gists front and centre. Framed by -amphitheatre-style bench seating on either side of the central bar and accessed by folding doors that connect the interior to the sidewalk, Gamsei evokes the open, communal spirit of a Bavarian beer hall. Crafted in natural oil-finished oak, the interior emphasizes a grid-like aesthetic, where the vertical slats of the cup-board doors are complemented by a meticulous horizontal arrangement of white ceramic bottles on shelves. The boldest move: a grid of black steel mesh above the bar that suspends an array of the same handsome bottles filled with house-made liquors and syrups. buero‑

Location: Munich, Germany
Firm: Buero Wagner, Vienna, Austria
Team: Fabian A. Wagner with Andreas Kreft

Gamsei Cocktail Bar

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