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Leandra Ortega’s Human Settlement Social Housing, AZ Awards 2019, Social Good

Ventanilla, one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Lima, is known for leaky, uninsulated houses made of plastic, plywood and scraps of lumber. Architect Enrique Llatas set out to show that it’s possible for people there to live better. For less than $10,000, he built Leandra Ortega’s Human Settlement Social Housing, a 42-square-metre abode for a family of three. The materials (cinderblock, drywall) are hardly luxurious, but they’re durable. And when arranged elegantly and minimally, they look good, too. Plus, the design compensates with thoughtfulness what it lacks in opulence. Sliding doors bring in fresh air and light, while clerestory window bands enable passive ventilation. Llatas also made and disseminated a video calling on Peruvians to give furniture and kitchen utilities – and soon the donations poured in. In short, the architect did more than just design a house. What he created is better described as a home. 

Project Leandra Ortega’s Human Settlement Social Housing Location Lima, Peru Firm Llatas, Peru Team Enrique Llatas and Hugo Herrera with Pedro Zamalloa, Carla Lozano, Diana Velásquez, Eder Huamanrimachi and Aureliano Milot Photo Pedro Zamalloa

Leandra Ortega’s Human Settlement Social Housing

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