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Local, AZ Awards 2019

Local is a funhouse installation in a central square in Mexico City. The designer, Antonio Morodo of the Mexican firm MRD Arquitectos, created a circular edifice made of wooden studs and sheets of plywood. Visitors enter through one of a dozen doors whose colours match the 12 major subway lines in town. They then find themselves in a hall of mirrors where their own image is multiplied infinitely. The installation is a comment on civic life: Visitors see themselves as one face among many in a seemingly endless crowd. It’s also an ad hoc performance space, attracting magicians, dancers and shamans. In short, it is a place of serendipity – a venue for the kind of spontaneous happenings that so frequently occur in North America’s most populous city. 

Project Local Location Mexico City, Mexico Firm MRD Arquitectos, MexicoTeam Antonio Morodo with Lucía Aumann, Alexis Rodríguez and Fernando Maceda Photo Onnis Luque 


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