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While it serves as the social hub of many a home, the kitchen is also a busy workspace prone to clutter — two roles often at odds with each other. Valcucine’s Logica Celata resolves the kitchen’s ongoing identity crisis by closing up completely when not in use. With the wave of a hand, a busy cooking environment suddenly transforms into an elegant wall cabinet. Time to begin meal prep? Another wave and the system’s central panel silently rises to reveal ingenious features such as an integrated drying rack, built-in cooking board slots, hooks for utensils and a retractable pot filler. Three different models — Bar, Kitchen and Food Preparation — cater to a variety of activities with intuitive, ergonomic and space-optimized layouts developed after careful research and real-world study. So even when the kitchen is on full display, clutter is simply not on the menu.

Project Logica Celata Designer Gabriele Centazzo, Italy Manufacturer Valcucine, Italy

Logica Celata

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