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Taipei’s Fieldevo Design Studio invoked the relationship between tree and bird for the interior of this university startup lab – a roost for student entrepreneurs hatching their ideas. Four wood-framed boxes with pitched surfaces are set into the dropped ceiling, defining the open-concept space’s working areas from above, while maple key-inspired light fixtures spiral toward the ground, echoing the canopy theme. A system of metal frames secured to tracks in the ceiling holds large, pivoting plywood panels that serve as movable office partitions, with narrow gaps that offer smaller working groups privacy while maintaining a discreet visual link.

Project: NCTU Innovation Centre

Location: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Firm: Fieldevo Design Studio, Taiwan

Team: Bo-Yang, Lin; Sheng-Hsuan, Huang and Yue-Jing, He; with Han-Sheng, Hsu and Zhi-Ren, Pan

NCTU Innovation Centre
Five very different projects from around the world made the final cut for the Institutional and Commercial Interiors category, including a marijuana dispensary and an Uber office.

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