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For the sixth annual AZ Awards, our intrepid jury narrowed the field from over 800 submissions, received from dozens of countries, to select just 48 finalists that stood above the rest. In addition to presenting the AZ Award winners, Azure recognized these projects, products and concepts with Awards of Merit.

The central concept is a single block, a hollow, three-dimensional concrete trapezoid that forms exactly one-quarter of a cube. This shape is as versatile as it is simple. By scaling, rotating, combining and arranging these conceptual building blocks, it’s possible to create a seemingly infinite number of structures: a stool from one piece, a chaise from four, or a wall from 50. But why stop there? The designers at Levenbetts are using the form on an architectural scale to construct an entire house in upstate New York.

Firm: Levenbetts, U.S.

Team: Stella Betts and David Leven, with Filipe Colin, Andrew Feuerstein and Cornelia Foley

Not To Scale

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