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Ollie Collection

Crystal is not a material typically associated with daring aerial feats — but the Ollie collection flips traditional thinking about glass on its head, executing impressive structural stunts with confidence and style. Demonstrating a wealth of production know-how, Ollie is composed of three shelves — two rectangular and one curved — that project from a thin vertical spine. While this central backbone is formed from double-sided mirrored glass, the elements bonded to either side are fabricated with an extra-clear finish. The result is a mix of transparent and reflective surfaces that produce new perceptions from each vantage point.

Ollie Collection
“This would be up there in terms of things that I would most like to have in my apartment.”
Alex Holloway, AZ Awards 2024 Juror

Viewed from the front, the shelving unit initially resembles an intriguing line drawing sketched in mid-air: a straight bold stroke intersected by a more expressive free-form doodle that veers and curves along an unpredictable journey. But take a step to the side and the sculptural totem gradually reveals its true depth.

Ollie Collection

Most shelving units act as straightforward podia for display-ing interesting objects. And while Ollie is perfectly well-suited to showcasing books or vases, in this case, the shelving itself is the real showpiece. Challenging notions of fragility and rigidity, it’s a delightful rebel — with a clear vision for how design can delight and inspire.

Team: Yabu Pushelberg, Toronto, Canada, Glas Italia, Macherio, Italy.

Winner: Single-Piece Furniture
Ollie Collection

Viewed from the front, the Ollie shelving unit initially resembles an intriguing line drawing sketched in mid-air.

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