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Restoring Downstream

Tar Creek, in northeastern Oklahoma, is among North America’s most endangered rivers, due to contamination from nearby mines. Restoring Downstream is a revitalization project that spans three sites in Ottawa County, Oklahoma: a land-remediation strategy with filtration plants and acid-mine-drainage infrastructure in the abandoned mining town of Douthat; a community-integration development with new houses bordering an expanded wetland zone in the city of Miami, the county seat; and a research and education initiative with a living lab and a cultural centre, also in the Miami region. The project is sensitive to the possibilities afforded by each locale, and it seeks to restore the once-mighty river that connects them.

Team: Alykhan Neky and Jackie Chen

Award of Merit: Environmental Leadership
Restoring Downstream

Spanning three sites in Ottawa County, Oklahoma, this project sets out to remediate Tar Creek.

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