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Set in a treacherous landscape in Fujian, China, this rural getaway is a return to first principles, and an elemental oasis that combines rugged materials into unadorned spaces. The floor plan was shaped by gargantuan boulders that litter the sloping site – one even makes a cameo indoors, rising from a luxurious concrete bathtub sunk into the master bathroom floor.

A soaring volume serves as the interior’s main living area, with one wall turned over to a double-height grid of windows that face the sea. Throughout, sleek geometric lines contrast with rough-hewn finishes that range from sawn-lumber millwork to the exposed bluestone masonry of the outer walls.

Project: Returning Hut

Location: Fujian, China

Firm: FM.X Interior Design, China

Team: Xu Fu-Min

Returning Hut
One is elemental and unadorned, while the other is characterized by opulence and colour. These are the finalists in the 2017 AZ Awards category of Residential Interiors.

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