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Step right up for a spectacular high-wire performance: By suspending rectangular glass panels on ribbon-like yet resoundingly sturdy nylon straps, Sainte delivers a gravity-defying showstopper. Each fixture’s straps can be hung in either a straight or angled configuration, while the aluminum lighting block that floats inside its four glass panes offers the choice to direct light (a warm, custom LED glow that realistically imitates incandescent) either up or down. The collection encompasses two series: Classic was developed with residential projects in mind, while Atelier was designed to make a dramatic statement in spaces with especially high ceilings. It’s the latter’s vibrantly hued models in peach, green and yellow that are the real stars — layered together, they achieve an elegant effect akin to stained-glass windows.

Project Sainte Collection Designers Lambert & Fils (Canada) and Rachel Bussin (Canada) Manufacturer Lambert & Fils, Canada

Sainte Collection

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