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In Pittsburgh’s frothing tech and manufacturing hub, Uber’s 7,500-square-metre facility feels suitably industrial for a space devoted to digital mapping, vehicle safety and autonomous transportation.

Assembly Design Studio honoured the city’s history by accenting the futuristic prototyping plant with generous splashes of distressed Corten steel – a material used for everything from custom detailing to entire walls – much of it upcycled from salvaged materials by local furniture-maker Urban Tree. At the centre, two canted wooden grandstands double as vast stairways leading to the second floor, while in the showroom, the latest self-driving car prototypes are given exalted status: deus in machina.

Project: Uber Advanced Technologies Group

Location: Pittsburgh, U.S.

Firm: Assembly Design Studio, U.S.

Team: Denise Cherry and Liz Guerrero with Justin Ackerman, Sarah Dziuba, Hilary Hanhan, David Hunter, Jeorge Jordan and Alma Lopez

Uber Advanced Technologies Group
Five very different projects from around the world made the final cut for the Institutional and Commercial Interiors category, including a marijuana dispensary and an Uber office.

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