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Venezia, Fantini

Hand-blown Venetian glass has been prized for centuries for the sinuous shapes, vibrant colours and swirling patterns unfurled by its skilled practitioners. This collaboration between faucet specialist Fantini and Venetian glass studio Venini combines the unique look of this age-old material with the functionality of traditional bathroom hardware in two distinct new product lines. For the filigree series, a set of cylindrical clear glass faucet handles are elevated with a delicate coil of thin glass rods in either black or white. The second half of Venezia by Venini is dedicated to the bright hues of traditional Murano glass and features cylindrical handles rendered in cheerful combinations of aquamarine, amber and red.

Venezia by Venini, Fantini

Team: Matteo Thun, Antonio Rodriguez, Fantini, Italy.

Award of Merit: Architectural Products
Venezia by Venini

This collaboration combines the unique look of hand-blown Venetian glass with the functionality of traditional bathroom hardware.

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