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For the São Paulo flagship location of Zee.Dog, a pet-focused lifestyle brand, lighting was designed with the needs of both humans and canines in mind. A polycarbonate facade, which is dramatically backlit at night, beckons visitors inside, where the lighting graduates from dark to light and cool to warm as they ascend from an underground play area to a roof deck. In the cavelike retail spaces, which are illuminated entirely by artificial light, the designers had free rein to make use of recessed lighting, micro projectors and spots to accentuate the brand’s range of stylish pet and human accessories.

Team: Ana Karina Camasmie and Junia Azenha with Adriana Leite, Camila Concer, Henrique Bregantin, Ivone Szabó and Laura Assef

People’s Choice: Lighting Schemes
Zee.Dog Temple

For the São Paulo flagship of pet-focused lifestyle brand Zee.Dog, lighting was designed with both humans and canines in mind.

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