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At the forefront of surface innovation since 1987, Caesarstone uses natural raw quartz minerals to craft durable, timeless countertops. Combining a passion for design with cutting edge technology, our surfaces become a heart for the home. Caesarstone is proud to partner with AZURE and share our commitment to creativity.

515 Palm Shade

Elegant and inspiring, the 515 Palm Shade allows for a new level of luxury by bringing the classic look of white marble outside. Graceful charcoal veins traverse a perfect milky base adding subtle sophistication and earthy depths. Palm Shade is designed to add fresh accents and lightness to a natural setting.

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406 Clearskies

With its the rugged yet refined contemporary design, 406 Clearskies has a smooth concrete grey base enlivened by a scatter of various tiny flecks. The design adds an earthy look of pebble’s to outdoor countertops, backsplashes and tables. As concrete becomes increasingly popular in architecture and design, the modern palette of Clearskies is grounded in a natural setting.

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405 Midday

405 Midday has an organic look that connects to the beauty of nature and works well next to neutral tiling and stone or light wooden decking. Plant pots in warm grey, beige or terracotta so the surrounding green foliage can play off of the light and shadows of this stylish countertop.

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