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Keilhauer creates beautifully and intelligently designed furniture to support the exchange of ideas. Conversing, conferencing, collaborating – every product elevates existing routines and encourages new and meaningful ways of engaging. Keilhauer is committed to exceptional design, environmental stewardship and ethical manufacturing. Keilhauer is honoured to partner with Azure and the AZ Awards.


A minimalist silhouette that moves you before even taking a seat, the Melete chair’s flowing lines aren’t just for show. As comfortable as it is adaptable, Melete elevates the form of any workspace in timeless style without ever forgetting the importance of function. The chair’s clean lines, mid-century modern styling and Swedish design principles will make Melete a standout piece in any room.

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“By joining Keilhauer we can scale the manufacturing to reach new spaces, markets and designers around the world while maintaining our quality focus”
Geoffrey Lilge, Division Twelve founder

Designed by frequent Keilhauer collaborator EOOS, Forsi is a conference furniture collection that is built to meet the needs of the modern meeting. The Forsi chair comes in an innovative working lounge height that is ideal for promoting creative thinking, and the Forsi table is offered in either the same working lounge height, or the traditional conference height. This is Keilhauer’s first product line to feature this unique height option – it sits in the sweet spot between conference room formality and lounge area relaxation.

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The GSD Collection is a multi-piece, configurable collection that provides workplace solutions and supports teams in whatever ways they connect and collaborate. This innovative collection includes a side chair, an office chair, a benching system and a table system. The benching and table systems include built-in power sources to accommodate laptops, tablets and other devices. With hybrid work on the rise, the GSD Collection allows teams to meet and collaborate efficiently, helping them to Get Stuff Done.

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