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Design. Culture. Craft. For almost 50 years, Landscape Forms has been a committed leader in the creation of outdoor furniture and lighting. We collaborate with world-renowned designers to create solutions that connect people to nature and enhance the outdoor experience. Design is our identity, an identity we share with Azure. 

Profile Lighting

Designed in collaboration with award-winning lighting designer Linnaea Tillett and Tillett Lighting Design Associates, the Profile family of lights creates beautiful and intentional light emanating from a refined, minimalist design. Shadows from Profile’s I-beam channels and modular column design build a light experience like no other, creating poetry between the sculptural form and the play of light upon the object and its surroundings.

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Configure it out. Landscape Forms has long pioneered the fixed-seat dining table category, and we’re still innovating. Welcome its next generation. Designed by Rodrigo Torres, Take-Out expands on the connected seating concept with simplified lines and improved versatility. Light enough to be picked up, arranged and rearranged, Take-Out opens up new ways for people to connect in outdoor spaces—face-to-face or abreast, an intimate chat or a large group gathering.

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STRATA Beam benches are now modular, widening the scope of the STRATA Beam family and enabling designers to create customized configurations ranging from L-benches and U-benches, to fully enclosed polygons, to snaking asymmetric runs and mixed configurations in conjunction with singular STRATA Beam benches. STRATA Beam benches join together using modular bridge legs and three different angle connectors in 90°, 60° and 45° to offer unmatched creative freedom in crafting customized configurations. STRATA Beam’s Meldstone components are offered in a white, natural and deep gray.

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Connect 2.0

Connect 2.0 elevates the transit experience with a visual simplicity and quiet sophistication that complements surrounding architecture and landscaping. Designed in partnership with Designworks, a global leader in the science and design of moving people, its timeless expression elevates an individual’s transportation experience and the brand experience of municipalities and corporate, healthcare, and university campuses. The shelter’s integrated and layered LED lighting subtly illuminates sidewalks, curbs, and the shelter’s interior and immediate surroundings. Lights can be powered via grid or solar panels. The ADA-compliant shelter is available in two sizes and multiple tempered glass and open panel configurations. Tempered glass, solid honeycomb aluminum panel, and aluminum louvered roof options create unique design statements that also address site requirements and climate conditions.

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SHUFFLE Lighting

SHUFFLE combines advanced technology and modern design to bring unparalleled new functionality to outdoor spaces. Integrating lighting, connectivity, and safety and communication devices, it creates a sense of security and well-being outdoors—enhancing the quality of life of residents and visitors. A smart, multifunctional system with lighting at its core, SHUFFLE is designed with plug-and-play simplicity in four different models: SHUFFLE Campus, SHUFFLE Light, SHUFFLE SOS, and SHUFFLE Security, each with three configurations to accommodate a wide variety of applications.  

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