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2016 Winners + Finalists

On June 17, Azure honoured the winners of the 2016 AZ Awards at a lavish gala at Toronto’s Evergreen Brick Works.

The sun was out, and so were the stars – the stars of the architecture and design scene, that is. Hundreds of industry notables flooded the Evergreen Brick Works to celebrate as Azure handed out 18 trophies in recognition of their achievements. Beautiful weather attended the crowd’s arrival, setting the perfect scene for a little pre-ceremony revelry.

Guests came from as far as China, Belgium and Austria in the hopes of claiming one of this year’s trophies, which were designed by Omer Arbel of Bocci. The prelude and postlude of the ceremony were live piano performances incorporated into a large-scale sculpture by Toronto’s Castor. The all-white piano was nestled inside a fragile barricade-like array of hundreds of fluorescent light tubes; using the same wireless induction that brings a Tesla coil to life, the tubes were individually lit to respond to sounds from the piano, resulting in a unique and ethereal interactive performance.

2016 AZ Awards trophy – Designed by Omer Arbel

2016 Winners

Architecture, Over 1,000 Square Metres: Vegas Altas Congress Centre and Auditorium

More than 10 kilometres of braided Portuguese shipping rope swathe the Vegas Altas Congress Centre and Auditorium, an impressive complex in southern Spain. Read more.

Architectural Product: Anyway Doors’ Pivoting Room Divider

The success of Anyway’s pivoting room divider hinges on a hinge. Not just any hinge, of course: a compact piece of hardware smaller than a smart phone, and virtually invisible in its environment. Hidden technology is the stock-in-trade of this 20-year-old company, located outside Antwerp. Read more.


Commercial Interior: Comme Moi

Neri&Hu transforms a concrete shell in Shanghai into a luxurious, yet playful flagship store for fashion brand Comme Moi. Read more.

Concept Prototype: Enough House

How much house is enough? Brian MacKay-Lyons, founding partner at the Halifax firm MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple, has determined just the right amount with a flexible prototype engin­eered to adapt to various needs within urban or rural settings. Read more.

Landscape Architecture: Aranzadi Park

Forty-four per cent of the world’s population lives within 150 kilometres of a coastline, which means that most cities face the realities of climate change with a foreboding sense of urgency. We now know dikes and levees don’t always work, and, slowly, the concept of absorb­ent landscapes are taking hold. In 2013, Aldayjover Architecture and Landscape of Barcelona completed the kind of porous environment that is destined to become a model for others to follow. Read more.



Furniture System: Cover Freestanding

Clothing and accessories become works of art when placed inside Cover Freestanding, a surprisingly sexy storage solution. Read more.

Architecture Under 1,000 Square Metres: Wong Dai Sin Temple

Like a tai chi stance, the makes its presence felt with an elegant pose of gravity-defying equilibrium. The single volume rises above ground via two pre-stressed concrete cantilevers – one five metres in length, the other 10 – making it one of the long­est in North America. This balancing act is held in place by seven pillars that almost seem too few and too slender to carry the load. It’s impressively eye-catching, a pleasing mix of tension and poetry, where state-of-the-art engineering creates an ultra-modern house of worship for centuries-old religious sects. Read more.

Residential Interior: SP-Penthouse

A stunning personal residence overlooking São Paulo, SP-Penthouse beautifully exemplifies understated luxury. Read more.

Lighting Fixture: The Fosbury Lamp

Davide Groppi has always taken a poetic approach with his creations. Often, the name or a feeling comes first, or the Italian designer builds around one or more of his four pillars of creativity: simplicity, lightness, emotion and invention. The Fosbury lamp was realized in 2014, after he saw an exhibit of kinetic sculptures by Alexander Calder, the father of the modernist mobile. Read more.

Social Good Award: Walumba Elders Centre

The Walumba Elders Centre in Western Australia elegantly responds to the needs of Aboriginal seniors, and to the rugged surrounding landscape. Read more.

Lighting Installation: Gweilo

Partisans, a Toronto architecture and design firm, has devised innovative lighting panels that can be shaped and sculpted without restriction. Read more.

Residential Architecture: Termitary House

Inspiration can come from anywhere, even from termites. In the case of Termitary House in Vietnam, it was the insect’s elaborate mounds that lead local architecture firm Tropical Space to think about porous facades as an effective way to build a house. Similar to a termite nest’s intricate maze of tunnels and conduits, Termitary uses offset baked bricks to create permeable walls that allow for ample light and air circulation to flow through the interior. Read more.

Unbuilt Concept: Courtyard House

At first glance, Sanjay Puri’s concept looks like the ultimate townhouse, where generously terraced units cascade down a contoured site, and where residents share a magnificent pool in their communal courtyard. In reality, it’s an office complex for some lucky employees. Read more.

Furniture Design: W1 Tables

While Toronto designer Deborah Moss hasn’t lived in London since she was a teenager, she still feels inspired by the capital’s endless streets, where glazed modernist facades rub shoulders with rows of Georgian townhouses. Her recent furniture series of pleasantly plump side tables embodies the city’s characteristic blend of old and new, their chalk white and charcoal tones nodding to its stark but appealing facades. Read more.

A+ Student Award: Curonian Spit

The best architecture responds to its site, but the thesis project of student Jurgis Gecys takes the notion to its extreme. His vision of three sculptural interventions for his Masters at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna – a skeletal wall, an eroding monolith and a boulder-like lighthouse – wowed jurors with their poetic fusion of architecture and the forces of nature. Read more.

Temporary Architecture: Impulse

Winter 2016 saw downtown Montreal transformed into an urban playground, thanks to an interactive installation featuring glowing see-saws. Read more.

Interior Product: Ell

With edges that are a mere one centimetre thick, the Ell is likely the sleekest, slickest bathroom sink you’ve ever seen. Read more.

Environmental Leadership Award: Central Energy Facility

Stanford University is a global leader in education, so when it came time to replace its outdated electrical system, which used 100 per cent fossil fuel, it made sense to delve into ­cutting-edge sustainable design. The commitment to raise the bar enabled ZGF Architects to look for solutions where none had seemed possible, and in the process demonstrate how architecture might well help to save the planet. Read more.

2016 Finalists

Landscape Architecture: The Goods Line

Location: Sydney, Australia
Firm: Aspect Studios with Chrofi, Australia

Landscape Architecture: Floating Connection

Location: Harbin, China
Firm: Turenscape, China

Temporary Architecture: Los Trompos

Location: Atlanta, U.S.
Firms: Cadena + Asociados and Esrawe Studio, Mexico


Temporary Architecture: EH&I Pavilion

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Firm: i29 Interior Architects, The Netherlands


A+ Student Award: Re-Generator

School: Harvard University Graduate School of Design, U.S.
Designer: Gabriel Muñoz Moreno



A+ Student Award: Within the Frame

Location: Zhengzhou, China
School: Harvard University Graduate School of Design, U.S.
Team: Carly Augustine and Nicolas Lee, with faculty advisors Christopher C.M. Lee and Simon Whittle






A+ Student Award: Cradle Tea Service

School: OCAD University, Canada
Team: Kristoffer Paolo Aguila with faculty advisor Angelika Seeschaaf Veres

Residential Interior: Coupée Croisée

Location: Montreal, Canada
Firm: YH2, Canada

Residential Interior: 30 Adelaide Street

Location: Sydney, Australia
Firm: Ian Moore Architects, Australia


Residential Interior: Maison Lac Jasper

Location: Lac Jasper, Canada
Firm: Architecturama, Canada

Commercial Interior: Odin Cafe + Bar

Location: Toronto, Canada
Firm: Phaedrus, Canada


Commercial Interior: Muh-tay-zik Hof-fer

Location: San Francisco, U.S.
Firm: Gensler, U.S.


Commercial Interior: Kanonbådsvej Studio

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Firm: 3XN, Denmark



Commercial Interior: Voyager Espresso

Location: New York, U.S.
Firm: Only If, U.S.



Furniture Design: Wheels

Studio: EOOS, Austria
Manufacturer: Keilhauer, Canada




Furniture Design: Fogo Island Shop

Manufacturer: Fogo Island Shop, Canada

Furniture Design: Belleville

Designers: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, France 
 Vitra, Switzerland



Furniture Design: Kaari Collection

Designers: Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, France
 Artek, Finland

Furniture System: Foodshelf

Designer: Ora Ito, France
 Scavolini, Italy

Lighting Fixture: Manta

Designer: Ross Lovegrove, U.K.
Manufacturer: Barrisol, France

Lighting Fixture: Uma Sound Lantern

Studio: Pablo, U.S.
Designers: Carmine Deganello and Pablo Pardo

Lighting Fixture: Superloon

Designer: Jasper Morrison, U.K.
Manufacturer: Flos, Italy

Lighting Installation: Sayner Hütte Foundry

Location: Bendorf, Germany
Studio: Licht Kunst Licht, Germany

Lighting Installation: Mono-Lights

Studio: OS ∆ OOS, The Netherlands
Designers: Sophie Mensen and Oskar Peet

Residential Architecture: Carré Lumière

Location: Bordeaux, France
Firm: LAN Architecture, France

Residential Architecture: The U

Location: Montreal, Canada
Firm: Atelier Big City, Canada

Residential Architecture: Tula House

Location: Quadra Island, Canada
Firm: Patkau Architects, Canada

Residential Architecture: Rethinking the Split House

Location: Shanghai, China
Firm: Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, China

Residential Architecture: Vacation Rental Homes

Location: Brekkuskógur, Iceland
Firm: PK Arkitektar, Iceland

Unbuilt Concept: Hotel Ascension

Location: Buffalo, U.S.
Firm: Song Centis, U.S.

Unbuilt Concept: Ohio Veterans Memorial and Museum

Location: Columbus, U.S.
Firm: Allied Works Architecture, U.S.

Concept Prototype: Not To Scale

Firm: Levenbetts, U.S.

Concept Prototype: PearsonLloyd Collection

Studio: PearsonLloyd, U.K.
Manufacturer: Teknion, U.S.

Concept Prototype: Biz Eyes 3-D-Printed Eyewear

Designer: Nasim Sehat, Iran

Architecture Over 1,000 Square Metres: The Waterhouse at South Bund

Location: Shanghai, China
Firm: Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, China

Architecture Over 1,000 Square Metres: Harbin Opera House

Location: Harbin, China
Firm: MAD Architects, China

Architecture Over 1,000 Square Metres: Porto Cruise Terminal

Location: Porto, Portugal
Firm: Luís Pedro Silva Arquitecto, Portugal

Architecture Over 1,000 Square Metres: Stanford University Central Energy Facility

Location: Stanford, U.S.
Firm: ZGF Architects, U.S.

Architecture Under 1,000 Square Metres: Public Library of Constitución

Location: Constitución, Chile
Firm: Sebastian Irarrázaval Arquitectos, Chile

Architecture Under 1,000 Square Metres: He, She & It

Location: Buffalo, U.S.
Firm: Davidson Rafailidis, U.S.

Social Good Award: Public Library of Constitución

Location: Constitución, Chile
Firm: Sebastian Irarrázaval Arquitectos, Chile

Social Good Award: Ti kay là

Location: Anse‑à-Pitres, Haiti
Firm: Bonaventura Visconti di Modrone, Italy

Environmental Leadership Award: Floating Connection

Location: Harbin, China
Firm: Turenscape, China

Environmental Leadership Award: Aranzadi Park

Location: Pamplona, Spain
 Aldayjover Architecture and Landscape, Spain

Interior Product: Urban Fabric Rugs

Designers: Lukasz Kos and Andrei Zerebecky, China

Interior Product: Ino Collection

Studio: Toan Nguyen Studio, Italy
Manufacturer: Laufen, Switzerland

Interior Product: Blue Ceramic Funerary Urns

Designer: Diane Leclair Bisson, Canada
Manufacturer: A+J Metissage, Canada

Architectural Product: Entice Entrance System

Manufacturer: CRL-U.S. Aluminum, U.S.

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