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The Villa Varoise, a retreat in the South of France by Boston firm NADAAA, is a geometric marvel. It comprises two opposed L-shaped structures nestled into a hill at different heights. The forms join, creating an abstracted rhomboid with a courtyard at the centre. One of the L-forms also cantilevers over a pathway that connects the courtyard and pool to the exterior of the home. The Villa Varoise is, in fact, a study in connectivity. It incorporates nature and complements the surroundings via pigmented concrete walls whose earthy tones juxtapose the surrounding greenery.

Team Nader Tehrani with Harry Lowd and Lisa LaCharité (NADAAA); Shirin Raissi, Marie-Eve Bidard and Majed Katir (Bidard & Raissi) and Damien Chevallier (MAURO)

AZ Awards 2021 Finalist: Villa Varoise