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For the sixth annual AZ Awards, our intrepid jury narrowed the field from over 800 submissions, received from dozens of countries, to select just 48 finalists that stood above the rest. In addition to presenting the AZ Award winners, Azure recognized these projects, products and concepts with Awards of Merit.

Designer and multidisciplinary scholar Diane Leclair Bisson’s study of contemporary burial practices led to a series of cinerary urns that promote conversations about sustainable, accessible funeral practices. Moulded in porcelain using a proprietary glazing technique, they have a tactile, powdery surface. The cobalt blue finish (meant to evoke the sky’s tranquility) and curiously inviting texture are a welcome evolution from overly ornate, even intimidating vessels. In three heights, from 8.8 to 35 centi­metres, they offer five different lids that meld almost seamlessly into the universal base.

Designer: Diane Leclair Bisson, Canada

Manufacturer: A+J Metissage, Canada

Blue Ceramic Funerary Urns

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Jill Malek, U.S.
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