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Claus Porto New York, AZ Awards 2019

Claus Porto’s New York outpost – the Portuguese beauty and fragrance house’s first international store – is located in Manhattan’s Nolita district, just a block away from the Bowery. Distinguished by 1,500 faceted diamond tiles, a stunning 13-metre-long white-cork arch both lures shoppers into the space and doubles as unique display shelves for the luxury brand’s colourful merchandise. The feature alludes to significant Portuguese buildings, its shape evoking Porto’s São Bento Railway Station and its faceting a nod to the facade of Lisbon’s Casa dos Bicos. The boutique’s centrepiece – a monolithic Estremoz-marble wash basin – vies for an equal share of oohs and ahs. Outfitted with brass fixtures, the basin resembles a church’s baptismal font and celebrates the daily ritual of cleansing and starting anew.

Project Claus Porto New York Location New York City, U.S. Firm Tacklebox Architecture, U.S. Team Jeremy Barbour with Alina Ainza, Dominick Petrella, Anne-Margreet Honing and Thomas Fitzgerald
Photo Eric Petschek

People’s Choice: Commercial and Institutional
Claus Porto New York

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