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Designed to help construction workers to see and be seen at night, this hard hat attachment by safety product manufacturer Illumagear is exactly what it sounds like: a halo of light that illuminates individuals and their workspace. The ring of LEDs – powered by a 12-hour battery – repels dust and water, can be spotted from up to 400 metres in all directions, and sets to four different modes: full light, a bright pulse mode, a task light (which is brighter on the front), and a dimmed mode for working alongside someone else. Simple yet ingenious, the design makes one wonder why nobody thought of it before.,

Design Firm: Pensar, Seattle, Washington
Design Team: Alex Diener and Kristin Will with Max Baker, Chad Brinckerhoff, Jonathan Hadley, Aaron Johnson, John Manthey, John Murkowski, Andrew Royal and Trent Wetherbee
Manufacturer: Illumagear

People’s Choice: Lighting Fixtures
Halo Light

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