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Koan Sliding System, Lualdi, AZ Awards 2019

The Koan Sliding System is modelled on the screen partitions one sees in East Asian – particularly Japanese – interiors. Andrea Destefanis and Filippo Gabbiani of Shanghai firm Kokaistudios wanted to create a lightweight, visually discreet product with high durability. Their system, which comes on fixed or sliding panels, uses three materials: aluminum for the frames, tempered glass for the windows, and vertical slats, made of treated oak, to bring texture and variation to every piece. Each element, moreover, has its own unique effect. All together, they give the Koan Sliding System the sturdiness of German design, the hominess of a Scandinavian cabin and a sense of subtlety that’s uniquely Japanese.

Project Koan Sliding System Design Kokaistudios, China Manufacturer Lualdi, Italy Photo Giuseppe Brancato

Koan Sliding System

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