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Vapor Graphic Perf, Arktura, AZ Awards 2019

Vapor Graphic Perf, by California-based company Arktura, is a wall- and ceiling-panelling system as well as a mural. The tiles are made of perforated aluminum, and the holes, which vary in size and frequency, are akin to pixels. From a distance, they form a picture – a mountain vista, say, or a forest in the rain. The client submits a photograph or painting and Arktura’s software will reproduce the image in the perforated metal panels, customizing them at minimal expense. Vapor Graphic Perf isn’t merely decorative, though: It’s available with integrated lighting or acoustic backing. In short, it’s a highly specialized but also functional product. And it’s sold at hardware-store prices. 

Project Vapor Graphic Perf Design and Manufacture Arktura, U.S.

People’s Choice: Architectural Products
Vapor Graphic Perf

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