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Lasvit courtyard view, with both the Glass House and Black House visible

A design company specializing in awe-inspiring light installations, Lasvit makes resolutely modern creations. Yet its new headquarters, which incorporates two restored 18th-century timber houses, shows equal regard for new and old — and in a manner that exalts its preferred medium: glass. The material is the mainstay of Nový Bor, a town in the North Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, where the craft of glassmaking has been practised for 600 years. (During restoration, the architects discovered a forgotten well that dates just as far back — a relic they embraced and preserved.) Fittingly, the centrepiece of this complex is the Glass House, a resplendent building clad entirely in, you guessed it, glass panels — 1,400 of them, each custom made with a paper mould. Through its luminosity and simplicity, Glass House counterbalances the ornate heritage structures that flank it, as well as the black cement–tiled “Black House” installed as its mysterious counterpoint.

Project Lasvit Headquarters Location Nový Bor, Czech Republic Firms Lasvit (Czech Republic)with OV-A (Czech Republic) Team Maxim Velčovský, Štěp.n Valouch and Jiř. Opočenský

Lasvit Headquarters

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