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The new 2,100-seat Simon Fraser University (SFU) Stadium sits alongside the Lorne Davies Complex, a modernist athletics facility from 1965. With its stadium, Perkins&Will sought to complement the adjacent building without overpowering it; somehow, the new structure had to be monumental but subtle too. The architects tucked the locker rooms underneath the risers and installed a modest press box, discreetly, behind the top row of seats. The stadium’s most distinctive feature is the impossibly thin canopy roof, which cantilevers over the seating area with dramatic — one might even say athletic — dexterity.

Team: Max Richter, Jana Foit, Adrian Watson, Phil Fenech and Tarisha Dolyniuk with Abubakr Bajaman, Anna Beznogova, Tiffany Cheung, Paul Cowcher, Nic Dubois-Robitaille, Bojana Jerinic, Horace Lai, Sarita Mann, Laurence Renard, Gavin Schaefer, Soren Schou, Elsa Snyder and Kim Stanley

Award of Merit: Buildings Under 1,000SqM
SFU Stadium

The new 2,100-seat Simon Fraser University Stadium features an impossibly thin canopy roof.

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