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Part of a 955-hectare National Historic Site by the South Saskatchewan River, Lot 47 was the location of the Métis Nation’s village of Batoche, and of the 1855 battle that defeated Louis Riel’s resistance. The installation, erected by a multidisciplinary group from Nova Scotia, comprises three large-scale interactive structures that sit unobtrusively on the site to invite contemplation of this nation’s cultural history through the landscape.

On these wide-open plains, the architecture serves as a mechanism for both wayfinding and viewfinding, revealing the Métis Nation’s story and giving visitors a sense of what life was like before and after the conflict.

Project: Storyboard on the Landscape

Location: Batoche, Canada

Firms: Form:Media and Ekistics Planning & Design, Canada

Team: Chris Crawford, John deWolf and Devin Segal with Julien Boudreau, Sahisna Chitrakar, Tom Evans, Adam Fine, Jean Lanteigne, Rob Leblanc, Genevieve McIntyre, Justin Neufeld, Natália Ultremari and Ed Vella

People’s Choice: Experiential Graphic Design
Storyboard on the Landscape
The first edition of the Experiential Graphic Design category welcomed a strong group of submissions, including these projects, whose unexpected and eye-catching modes of wayfinding and storytelling caught our jury's eye.

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