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Massive slabs of genuine marble have evoked luxury since the dawn of architecture, but at a financial and environmental cost. Think Thin, a series of all-purpose marble slabs from Nemo Tile & Stone, brings a notable trend in the tile industry – extra-large sizes with an ultra-slim profile – to real marble, in tones from milky bianco to dusky graphite. Nemo’s state-of-the-art stone-cutting technology enables marble to be cut at depths of 1.2 centimetres (much less than the usual thickness), even at dimensions over a metre squared. The remarkable thinness makes the slabs lighter and thus easier and more eco-friendly to ship, schlep and install.

Project: Think Thin

Designer: Matt Karlin

Manufacturer: Nemo Tile & Stone, U.S.

Think Thin
Remarkably thin marble slabs and a sublimely simple faucet are the winner of 2017 AZ Awards of Merit in the category of Architectural Products.

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