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What if our houses grew with us? To answer this question, Tomasz Broma of Poland conceived a slow-life manifesto founded on architecture that can be built, dismantled and reconfigured by its inhabitants, following a set of six straightforward rules. The scheme accommodates mistakes and changes, charting a creative process for bootstrapping a commune in stages, with the end result a seven-storey village on stilts. Broma’s rules determine the size and position of cubic modules within the complex, giving each household equal access to amenities; ground-floor common areas would include the workshops and tools for future residents to prep their building materials.

Project: S’lowtecture Housing Structure

School: Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland

Team: Tomasz Broma

S’lowtecture Housing Structure
In this year’s AZ Award submissions, design students in the U.S. and Poland caught the jury's eye with projects that include an inventive baseball field and a concept for a wild water park.

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